The Last Day of the Republican Party

An explanation about all my Facebook posts lately: 2-3 years ago I vowed to not do any more “political” posts on Facebook. However, the Trump debacle has caused me to change this temporarily, because we have a responsibility to speak up and inform our fellow citizens, friends, and family members who don’t already understand that, for the first time in our lifetimes in the U.S., we have a major party political candidate that we must not and cannot support. If Trump accepts the Republican nomination tonight and officially becomes its leader, today will be the last day it will be possible to simultaneously be a quality person, or claim to be a good Christian, and be a Republican. Today it’s about Trump. Tomorrow, if Trump officially becomes its leader, all good and smart people must leave the Republican party or work hard to change it and remove Trump from it. The Republican party must be eliminated or reformed if this frightening demagogue takes control. I will stop writing about this on Facebook hopefully soon and use my blog instead, but this is really serious. This isn’t just politics.

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