Donald Trump is the Archenemy of the First Amendment

Trump is absolutely an enemy, the enemy, of free press and the First Amendment, the biggest such threat in our lifetimes who wants to censor the press and the internet like China does, one of the key reasons he is being lumped in – by the nation’s top journalists and writers and thinkers – with fascists like those who came to power in 1930s Europe. He has been very clear that he intends to nominate supreme court justices who will weaken the First Amendment. If Trump is elected, free press will all but end during his term and I can’t imagine the resulting damage to freedom and democracy around the world. He has banned the Washington Post (heard of that one?). Let me repeat that for you: He has banned the F-ing Washington F-ing Post and revoked its press credentials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Trump believes the Washington Post is “dishonest and phony”. He believes the Washington Post is “dishonest and phony” (see first story below). So we want to support someone who believes that, and who would want reporters at the Post, and maybe people I know who are reporters and editors, to be fired and threatened? Not me, I can tell you that unequivocally. Trump hates journalists and will retaliate and sue and censor and threaten violence and make fun of disabled reporters and kick reporters out of events and block any attempt by journalists to report honestly on him. Why do I know that? Because that’s precisely what he has done throughout the campaign – all of those things, consistently and repeatedly – and of course it will get much worse when he has actual power. Don’t take my word for it. It’s all out there on the record:

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